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    Focus on what you care about, everything else is just a distraction. Happy Independence Day Estonia! #independence We are shaped and fashioned by what we love #healthyandnourished Such a bomb combo from @maxfactor💄💋

Matcha Banana Muffins

 Summer vibes and colors are all around. Last weekend I prepared real good for Midsummer celebrations. These Matcha Muffins were one of the top goodies in our picnic basket. They are delicious healthy treats, they are Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free and completely plant based(if you are vegan, then you can easily change honey with date puree). Earth … Continue reading


Healthiest Pizza on earth

  Pizza is one of the world’s most well known comfort foods, but often made of not the highest quality ingredients. Here I want to share a super health and body friendly Vegan and Gluten-Free pizza. Especially now when Fifa World Cup is entertaining us, what can be better to munch while cheering for your … Continue reading


Easy steps how to make “Healthy” become your lifestyle

I’m sure sometimes you meet people who have a glow in their face, great energy, they are fit and toned, they eat without quilt and everything seems to come very easy for them. You wonder what is the secret and to make yourself feel better you blame them with good genes. Our genes are responsible 50% of … Continue reading

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Learning to listen and finding the balance

As you know I believe that we are the healthiest, when we learn to listen to our body and learn to make the difference of what our body and mind say. Our body and mind are both have a very strong voice to say what is right for our body and sometimes not right. But … Continue reading


Fifa World Cup Brazil vibes

      Today is the official start of FIFA Worl Cup Brazil and couldn’t be more excited. As long as I remember World Cups takes over one month for me and makes me watch a lot of tv. I remember so well how I was almost in tears when 2006 World Cup was won … Continue reading


Tervisliku toitumisnÔustamine Tallinnas

Here is something for my dear Estonians. I will be back in my native country in few weeks and I am more than happy to start giving Healthy Lifestyle and Holistic Nutrition consultations. Worldwide online consultations will be available soon too! 23. Juunist on teil vĂ”imalik saada personaalne konsultatsioon minuga ja Ă”ppida rohkem oma keha … Continue reading


The Benefits of Lunges

Lunges are one of my favorite exercise, it is a great workout for many different muscle groups. It works on your quadriceps, but also hits the glutes, hamstrings, calves and core muscles. This simple one strep forward exercise actually have much more benefits than you can imagine. Balance Training one side of the body once, independently from … Continue reading


How to get 100% Beach Ready Now!

Summer is here, June just began and all the signs are showing it’s time to hit the beach and lay under the sun. So I want to share few quick tips how to get beach ready and feel your best in your bikini. I won’t share any miracle diets or tell you to starve yourself, … Continue reading


Indian Spice Hummus with Veggies

  I love spices and I love Hummus so why not to mix these two up and get something super delicious out of that! Indian Spice Hummus *can of Chickpeas  *1tbsp Sunflower seeds *2-3 Dates  *2 Garlic cloves  *1tsp Curry Powder  *1/2tsp Curcumin  *pinch of Red Pepper Put everything into blender and blend til smooth … Continue reading


Health Benefits of Sirsasana

Yoga is great for the body and mind. Every yoga pose have it’s health benefits and tens of reasons why to include them into out daily life. Headstand aka Sirsasana is the kind of all Yoga poses. Why not to find 5 minutes from your daily activities and see the world upside down for a … Continue reading


How you might stress and harm your digestive system

World have changed a lot since our grandparents were young and we have have to pay a lot more attention with what we feed ourselves. Decades ago nobody rushed to microwave their fast food and of source nobody blended their smoothie with Spirulina or topped their salads with Avocado. Food industry is constantly growing and … Continue reading


Spring Rolls with Chilli Peanut Sauce

    When the weather is getting hotter and hotter, my body naturally craves more and more raw and fresh food. While weekend is here and I have some free time in my hand, I am always more than happy to cook something healthy and fresh for my friends. So I did yesterday. Made very … Continue reading


Diet mistakes You didn’t know You’re making

Haven’t you had these moments when you feel you are doing everything right, but the pounds still don’t drop? There are quite few mistakes most people do while trying to lose some extra weight. Dieting is tricky and it’s important to know and understand your body. Here are some most common mistakes what people don’t … Continue reading


Hemp Milk overnight Acai Bowl

      Weekend is finally here and what can be better than a healthy breakfast. I love nutritious breakfast bowls and breakfast is probably my most favorite meal of the day. So important to start your day right. This breakfast bowl is flu of nutritious superfoods and will fill you up real good. Hemp … Continue reading


Most Common Smoothie Mistakes

Making smoothies is fun and it is a really great way to be creative in the kitchen. But also there are some rules with making smoothies what people often don’t know. And because of that often your smoothie diet can become the worse weight gain process. That’s why it’s important to do some research before … Continue reading


The great obsession with Kale

If you are a little interested in healthy eating and you have read few recipes or articles, you have came across Kale. Even if you are not into all of that, I’m sure that you still have heard all the talk about it. I always get asked what is the fuss about it and why … Continue reading


Tofu Noodles with mixed veggies

      Life goes by the speed of China right now, but from time to time I try to get the moment and cook something real nice for myself. Other than my Yummilicious breakfast I am quite lazy lately. Big bowl of salad or just steamed veggies keep me well satisfied when I’m on … Continue reading


Taste of Spring at April issue of Oma Maitse

    Slowly with the rainy weather May is finally here. So if you missed out on the April issue of Oma Maitse, the here it is. I will also translate the recipes to english. This spread was all about light and healthy meals. I believe that food what we eat on daily bases should … Continue reading


Things you didn’t know about Modeling!

Modeling is one of the greatest job a girl can have. It opens up a whole new world, endless possibilities and so many new experiences. But modeling is way too over glamorized through media and people like to think that it’s all about glitz and glam
 what it’s not! I truly love my job and … Continue reading


äœ ć„œ, æˆ‘ć›žæ„ćœšäșšæŽČ!

I even don’t know from where to begin, but probably the smartest is to go back to the start. As you have noticed on my social media like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page that I’m finally back in Asia after long break back at home in Estonia. So glad to be back where I feel … Continue reading


Fasted Cardio

Haven’t had a workout talk for quite some time, so I thought to tell you a little bit what is Fasted Cardio. There are different kind of cardio workouts and one thing what makes them different is when you do it. So what is fasted cardio you ask? Fasted cardio is cardio workout done in … Continue reading


Delicious Easter Treats!

Happy Easter everyone! I know it’s a little too early to wish that, but why not! Easter is like Christmas when we are surrounded by chocolates and candy.But don’t ruin your healthy habits and lifestyle with low quality chocolates, when you actually can nourish your body with homemade chocolate treats. I want to share some … Continue reading


Knockouts through the years

Flair Magazine March 2012 by Jean-Francois Campos Vogue Paris by Lachlan Bailey    Naomi by Patric Demarchelier for Vogue UK – December 2007 Vogue Australia September 2013 by Will Davidson   Vogue Italia June 2002 by Steven Meisel Vogue US March 2005 Steven Klein Vogue Paris April 2014 Gillens Bensimon More Workout Inspiration here! Helena


Raw Nori Rolls

  Raw food is something what is quite unusual for the ones who don’t know much about it and something very special for real health enthusiasts. Raw food is a great way how to healthify the most common comfort foods. These Nori Rolls aka Raw Sushi are such a delicious way to try out what … Continue reading


5 Freshest, Coolest and Greenest Instagrams to Follow Right Now

As we live in the world where social media have so much power over us, we have to learn to love it. Make social media be the greatest thing we have and learn to work with it and get great things out of that! I am social media addict and I love everything about it … Continue reading